Dua Lipa Reveals Obsession With Detailed Schedule

Dua Lipa has kept busy lately as she gears up to release her third album. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday to promote her upcoming single “Training Season,” the pop star detailed her packed schedule.

“It seems like you’re very, very, very busy. Like maybe busier than anyone in the whole world. Is that true?,”  asked Kimmel. The multi-hyphenate agreed that she’s had a lot going on, saying, “I don’t know about anyone in the whole world, but busy.”

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When the host asked what Lipa’s daily schedule is like, the Grammy-winning artist noted she’s “obsessed” with her schedule, planning every move in advance. “I plan everything, like…I’d put in ‘have a shower’ and ‘get ready.'” Kimmel was incredulous, questioning, “No, come on. Is it really showers [on your schedule]?”

Lipa then confirmed that “everything [on her schedule] is down to the minute.” She even makes sure to plan relaxing TV time ahead: “I mean, I write down ‘watch Succession.'” While Kimmel was shocked that even her fun time is scheduled, the “Houdini” singer explained, “I need to, like, plan things in order for me to be able to do work and take care of me. I like to plan things and that way I can feel like I can do it all.”

The host tested how rigid Lipa’s calendar is by asking, “Could you go like, ‘You know what? I’m going to go to Smart and Final and buy corn dogs, just go rogue for a couple of hours’?” She clarified that while it’s possible to have some flexibility, it “just depends on how the day goes.”

Lipa also noted that this habit hasn’t emerged from being a pop star; she’s had a discipline for planning out her schedule since she was a child. “I had to do lists from when I was tiny, like my parents would find them around the house, like, ‘do my homework, get ready, go to school.'”

Besides discussing Lipa’s packed calendar, Kimmel tried to get information on her upcoming record. When the host asked why the release date hasn’t been shared, Lipa teased that she wanted to “keep it a secret for a little bit longer.” Kimmel had his theories on the release date, though: “I think it’s going to come out on Leap Day, because it’s ‘Do a Leap’ day.” Lipa squashed Kimmel’s hopes, confirming that’s not the date. He had no luck guessing the album title, either.

Lipa ended the interview by teaching the host some Albanian sayings. She was impressed with Kimmel’s pronunciation as he read proverbs about having loose screws and wasting all your money on partying.

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