Dua Lipa just stepped out wearing a controversial trouser trend

Photo credit: @dualipa - Instagram
Photo credit: @dualipa - Instagram

I'd like to think that there are some trends we can safely relegate to our childhoods. But, with celebrities re-wearing certain Y2K and '90s staples on high rotation, I find myself reconsidering and adopting more of a 'wellllll... never say never' kind of mentality. Take, for example, baby tees and baguette bags. They're both trends that I remember wholeheartedly embracing back in year seven, but that's where I thought they'd stay: in the past. Alas, it's 2022, and I'm frequently tempted to add them to cart. Another trend I'm firmly adding to this 'maybe not-so-cancelled?' category is palazzo pants, or, as some call them, culottes. Hear me out.

I think it's safe to say that, if anyone can make us see certain throwback trends in a fresh light, it's Dua Lipa. And, this weekend, the artist just went and shared pics of her sporting a pair of MEGA wide-leg palazzo pants on Instagram. Dua, who is currently travelling across Europe on her Future Nostalgia tour, recently touched down in Antwerp and repped a striped two-piece ivory co-ord set. The get-up consists of a sleeveless crop top, revealing her cool tatts, coupled with a pair of matching trousers that start at the waist before falling into super spacious bottoms.

Dua finished the look with a matching top handle bag, a contrasting red cap and stacked beaded bracelets. Check out the full 'fit here, and scroll through for a closer look at her accessories:

Dang, she is just so cool.

It's not just palazzo pants Dua's been making a case for lately. Back in Ireland, she also repped a pair of low-rise cargo pants:

Ooo and who could forget these vibrant slouchy JW Anderson bottoms?

Last but not least, this red tracksuit set:

So, whaddaya think? Reckon you could be persuaded to re-visit wide-leg trousers in 2022?

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