Drone Racing World Champs Turn To A.I.

Pro-Pilots from the Drone Racing League are testing a hi-tech system to sharpen their skills. New A.I. technology, called Vital Intelligence, monitors pilots’ body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate respiratory rate, and even blood oxygen levels in real time. Competitors tested the system for the first time at the DRL’s World Championship in Las Vegas after drone tech company, Draganfly, launched Vital Intelligence at CES. The platform, which collects the biometric data from live video, will provide in-race vital signs to racers and fans. With drones travelling at over 90 MPH, the data delivers new training metrics in a sport where a moment’s hesitation can end a race. Each racer pilots their drone using First Person View goggles which places them inside the drone’s virtual cockpit. Vital Intelligence is being used to practise racing scenarios that create the largest psychological strain on pilots helping them learn to cope with similar stresses in competition. “I realised that if I was going to be one of the best drone racing pilots, I needed to not just focus on the racing side of it but also the psychology and the mental game behind it.” DRL 2019 champion Alex Vanover. Draganfly’s CEO Cameron Chell adds that the software and hardware is a “game-changer” in the DRL.

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