Drone Footage Captures Shark Sneaking Up on Swimmers at Daytona Beach

Drone footage captured a large shark swimming dangerously close to several blissfully unaware beachgoers at Daytona Beach in Florida.

This footage, filmed by Blake Russ shows the shark exploring waters close to the shore. Swimmers can be seen spotting the done hovering above them, but cannot see the shark swimming just feet away.

Russ told Storyful that he was visiting Daytona Beach for a family reunion, and by chance decided to fly his drone over the beach. “Within minutes I ended up finding one right near the Daytona Beach Pier. It was swimming right along the wave break – about a 7 feet long shark”.

“I continued to fall out with the drone for about 15 minutes as it encountered at least a dozen different groups of people swimming in the waves. Every time it swam right towards them then while only a few feet away changed directions and went around them.”

“The people never noticed the shark was there. They often looked at the drone and waved unknowing that the shark was swimming right by them. I would say if you’re swimming in the ocean and a drone comes down near you look at the water around you and not up at the drone you aren’t that special, the drone is probably filming something else.” Credit: Blake Russ / @danjarussphotography via Storyful

Video transcript