Drink driver told courts he was attempting to save a cat when he crashed into vehicle

Fairfield drink driver who collided with a van told the courts he was trying to save a cat <i>(Image: Canva)</i>
Fairfield drink driver who collided with a van told the courts he was trying to save a cat (Image: Canva)

A DRINK driver told the courts he was attempting to save a cat in the road when he ploughed into a parked vehicle.

Jordan Rainnie was travelling at nearly double the speed limit when the crash took place on Kingsway South.

Prosecuting, Laura Davig said: “On August 29 at 9.23pm the defendant was driving his vehicle on Kingsway South when he collided with a parked vehicle.

“Witnesses saw the defendant come out of the vehicle and apologise to the van owner.”

Police officers were alerted to the scene and upon arrival arrested Rainnie.

He was taken into a nearby station and made to do a breathalyser test with the lowest reading being 66.

“The defendant has two previous convictions with the most recent being a drunk and disorderly charge with possessing a blade.”

Rainnie, of Steel Street in Fairfield, appeared before Warrington Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday with no representation.

He provided his own explanation to the bench of what happened on the evening of the crash, saying: “It sounds ironic to say but I am not normally a big drinker, and I was having a rough couple of weeks.

“I got asked from some old friends to meet up and get a catch up.

“I left at 9.15pm and I was driving down Kingsway South and there was traffic. On the left-hand side there was a white van.

“A little cat had come out onto the road and froze. I had a few second to think of what to do. I tried to steer around it but while steering and breaking I crashed into the van.”

After the Ford Fiesta crashed into the stationary vehicle it caused the van to smash into a tree nearby.

When asked if he had anything more to say, he added: “I am sorry for wasting your time.”

Chair of the bench, Lynn Colter-Howard said: “We have taken into consideration everything that you have said to us today.

“We are going to disqualify you for 17 months.”

As well as an immediate driving ban Rainnie will have to pay a total sum of £288 to the courts.