Drew Barrymore reveals disastrous outing with her daughters: 'That really sucked'

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Most parents know that once you have children, schedules are hard to execute perfectly, and rarely does something ever go according to plan.

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Drew Barrymore learned it the hard way during her latest outing with her two daughters, Olive and Frankie, and one of their friends, when she not only faced disappointment, but an angry encounter as well.

The star had decided that their latest adventure should be crabbing, but she quickly came to realize she was less than prepared.

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Discussing the unexpected plan that quickly went awry with Seth Meyers, she made rare comments about her daughters, how they reacted to the crabbing fiasco, and even the "grade" they gave the plan.

Drew revealed that she should have known it wouldn't go well in the first place, considering her lack of training and the fact that she had three girls and two dogs with her. Seth proved her right the second he showed a picture of her hilarious – and amateur – set up, featuring raw chicken as bait, an unruly wired crate, and messy ropes.

It didn't take long for things to quickly take a turn, and the actress detailed how: "Olive… because she's a very rough-and-tumble cool girl, she just threw the whole bucket in!"

The hilarious crabbing story

She explained that since the bucket didn't have holes, it immediately floated away, and she screamed: "We just littered, Olive! God, no!"

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What's more, it got even worse, when an angry kayaker passed by and promptly started screaming at them. "She was out for blood," she said, which sent the actress over the edge, though she explained how hard it was to keep her cool so her girls wouldn't see her act angry.


Drew's unruly crabbing set-up and gear

In the end, as expected, they didn't catch any crabs. The mom-of-two recounted telling the girls: "Gosh, that really sucked. We got in trouble, we littered."

Her girls' reaction was priceless, and her youngest told her: "I think we get a C," but her older sister wasn't cutting anyone any slack, and simply said: "D-minus."

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