Drew Barrymore opens up about how she repaired her once-strained relationship with her mother

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Drew Barrymore has a serious commitment to bearing it all on her show, no matter how hard it is, in order to give her most genuine self to her followers.

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Her authentic and candid self has opened the doors for many of her viewers to trust her and seek her out when they need advice, and during a recent episode, when a young woman reached out to the host asking for help, Drew knew divulging her personal experiences would be helpful.

She was reached out to by a woman trying to repair her strained relationship with her mother, a difficult journey the actress has plenty of experience in.

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The star was raised by her mother Jaid Barrymore by herself when her father, John Barrymore, left Jaid before she was even born, and her mother in a sense followed suit, leaving young Drew to her own devices, prompting her to lose control partying and drinking, and eventually emancipating herself at age fourteen.

As the mom and daughter seeking advice opened up about their struggles, Drew did the same, revealing just how estranged she once was from her own mom.

"Daughters to mothers, I think we have a predisposed expectation where we don't want you to be selfish," she reasoned.

Drew opens up about her difficult relationship with her mother

She then admitted: "My mom was selfish too and it screwed me up, but you know what, I carried that with me and I acted from a place of a wounded child who also felt like they had to be an adult too quickly, and I didn't understand the parent-child dynamic."

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However, she gave her mom some credit, saying: "As selfish as my mom was, I have to give her a lot of room too because I was not easy." She detailed her rough and messy upbringing, recalling her wild child days and confessing: "Our life was set up for crash and burn disaster, I was completely out of control."


Jaid has been highly criticized for exposing Drew to partying and drinking as early as age nine

"She did not know how to control me anymore," Drew reasoned, and looking back on their relationship and how they repaired it, she said: "These were very painful things for both of us to go through…Her choices came from things that were real for her."

Leaving things on a hopeful note, she updated fans on where she stands with her mom, revealing: "As a woman I could finally see and understand that and we've made peace. Now text and talk and I've reached out to her."

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