Drew Adams Pulls Off Spectacular Win at Scouting Moto Combine Opener

The U.S. Air Force Special Warfare 2024 Scouting Moto Combine at RedBud for Friday's season opener was one for the books. Due to inclement weather and safety, these racers were only given one moto for the overall result instead of the formatted 25 minutes + 2 lap motos. So, what they finished in moto 1 was their overall final result. Here’s what happened during this race, leaving fans awestruck.

When the gate dropped, and riders were off into the first turn, Monster Energy Pro Circuits’ Landen Gorden led the pack with the holeshot, followed by teammate Krystian Janik and KTM Orange Brigades’ Luke Fauser. While Gordon and Janik were close up front, their teammate Drew Adams charged his way up through the pack from a bad start outside the top 10. Making up 19 seconds, Adams caught and passed 2nd place Janik with two laps to go and set his sights on the leader on the final lap. Gordon looked to win the moto with two corners left, but he made a crucial mistake by losing balance exiting the roller section, causing him to tip over the berm following. Adams was right there to capitalize on the mistake, taking the moto win and securing the overall victory for the day for the first Moto Combine in 2024.

This would be a podium sweep for the Pro Circuit team, with Janik crossing the line 1.4 seconds behind and Gordon, who quickly got back on the bike, to finish in the final podium position. NSA Yamahas’ Leum Oehlhof and Avery Long put in great rides of their own, rounding out the top 5.