'The Dream That You Wish Will Come True': See Baby Cinderella Meet Disney World's Cinderella In The Most Adorable TikTok

 Cinderella in ball gown.
Cinderella in ball gown.

There is always something new at Walt Disney World to do, but sometimes it’s the classics that matter most. Meeting a character you love often means more than getting on the hot new ride. And when you’re too small to go on the hot new ride, sometimes meeting Cinderella is just everything. That's what a baby recently showed us all, in the most adorable TikTok you may have ever seen.

In the TikTok video, a small baby dressed in her own classic Cinderella dress gets to mean the “real” Cinderella and the interaction is incredible. The baby is mesmerized by the iconic Disney Princess. She’s certainly too young to fully grasp what’s happening, but you wouldn’t know it by the look on her face, and it’s a heartwarming moment that you just can’t have anywhere else.

While not everybody takes time for character moments at Disney Parks, for some people they mean a great deal. When the ability to hug Disney characters returned to the parks, it was a really big deal. The Cast Members do an incredible job of making you feel like you’re talking to the character, and that hug can mean a great deal. Some Disney fans ended up in tears when they could finally hug characters again.

While character meet-and-greets are usually not on my priority list, I’ve certainly enjoyed my share, especially when Disneybounding as a particular character and I can get a picture with the same character, like what this baby did. And I don’t discount them for others who have very strong feelings about them, because moments like this happen and it melts the heart. In a second TikTok, the baby and Cinderella hold hands and that kid is hanging on Cinderella’s every word. It’s just beautiful.

As the second video points out, the baby certainly won’t remember this experience, it is more for the parents than it is for them at this age, but that’s ok. That’s part of being a parent, and it is part of taking small children to Disney Parks. As with the baby who seemingly said their first word to Mickey Mouse, this one is for mom and dad.

We can guess the baby didn’t exactly dress herself, so it was mom and dad who decided that their baby needed to look like Cinderella. Adults like Disney World too, as many people like to criticize, and parents who love Disney World aren’t going to let children who won’t remember stand in the way of their trip.

The video can still potentially be saved so that it can viewed again down the road. If the kid ends up remaining a big Cinderella fan for years to come, this will probably still be a special moment. Maybe next time, if something I was planning on doing ends up closed at Disney World, I'll see what characters I can go make memories with.