'A Dream Come True': Kaley Cuoco Reflects On The Flight Attendant Following Cancellation By Max

 Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant.
Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant.

The Flight Attendant debuted back in 2020 as Kaley Cuoco's first regular gig after the end of The Big Bang Theory, with the actress stepping out of the sitcom sphere for a dramedy thriller that she also executive produced. The role resulted in her first-ever Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, so it's no surprise to learn that she thinks of playing Cassie Bowden as a "dream come true." Unfortunately, she shared that sentiment as part of the news that Max had cancelled the streaming series after two seasons.

Max cancelled the series nearly two years after the second season finished airing back in 2022, according to Variety. The long gap of time combined with the fact that only the first season was based on the book by Chris Bohjalian makes it not entirely shocking that the show has officially gotten the axe, but it's still sad news for fans. For Kaley Cuoco, however, the news just motivated her to share how great her experience was in making the show. In a statement, the Flight Attendant leading lady said:

What started out as an attention-grabbing book cover quickly evolved into an extraordinary flight of a lifetime. I always envisioned TFA as a limited series and thanks to an incredible creative team, we were able to deliver two thrilling seasons. Personally, playing Cassie has been a dream come true and I am so grateful for everyone who played a part in bringing this extremely original series to life.

As Cuoco noted, it was an achievement for the show to reach two seasons at all, given that it was originally planned as a one-off limited series. The Season 2 ending of The Flight Attendant didn't definitively end Cassie's story, but the star's comments about a potential third season back in 2022 suggested that she'd be perfectly happy with the show finishing with just two seasons. Both seasons are currently available streaming with a Max subscription.

The show enabled Kaley Cuoco to reach some personal milestones. After twelve seasons as leading lady of The Big Bang Theory, she was finally able to celebrate her first Golden Globe nomination back in early 2021 for her work on The Flight Attendant. Just months later, she could celebrate her very first Emmy nomination as well. The end of The Flight Attendant also isn't the end of Cuoco's time working with Max, as her Harley Quinn animated series was renewed for a fifth season to debut at some point in the 2024 TV schedule, although a date hasn't been revealed yet at the time of writing.

Cuoco has also been quite busy in the time since Season 2 of The Flight Attendant finished airing in early 2022, including a starring role in another TV series: Based on a True Story for Peacock Premium subscribers, which she filmed while pregnant. In addition to her TV shows, she landed film roles in projects including Meet Cute and Role Play, the latter of which premiered earlier this year to mixed reactions from critics.

So, while Cassie's journey has finished on The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco's career is still going strong, and she reflects on her time starring in the Max series as a "dream come true." As for fans who have been holding out hope for a third season, there's always a Max subscription for rewatching the first two!