The drama between Perfect Match's Georgia and Dom explained

perfect match what is happening with dom and georgia
Perfect Match's Georgia and Dom's drama explainedNetflix

Following the release of Netflix's Perfect Match finale episode last week, there has been a lot of back-and-forth between winners of the series Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel over their breakup on social media.

To quickly recap: Dom and Georgia met on Netflix's Perfect Match, the new dating show where former Netflix reality stars come together in a villa in the hope of finding their perfect match, which was filmed in early 2022. After 12 episodes of dates, cute moments and even a proposal, Georgia and Dom were crowned the 'perfect match' by their fellow cast members, winning an all expenses paid vacation to the destination of their choice.

Fans were obsessed with the couple, with many congratulating the pair on their win. However, shortly after the finale aired Georgia and Dom confirmed they were no longer together in an interview with People. They cited the distance between them (Georgia is from Australia, whereas Dom is from Canada) as the main reason for their breakup. Followers of Georgia on Instagram were already aware that Georgia was in a relationship with former Too Hot To Handle cast member Harry Jowsey, whom she had been dating since mid 2022.

perfect match what is happening with dom and georgia

So what exactly has gone down between Georgia and Dom since the finale of Perfect Match aired on Netflix last week? This is everything you need to know.

The pair address their breakup in a new video

Following the release of the season finale of Perfect Match, Netflix released a 'where are they now?' style video where they caught up with the cast to see what they were up to.

In the video Dom said they ended their relationship before they got the chance to redeem their prize (an all expenses paid trip). Georgia added they were at "different levels of the relationship" and spoke highly of Dom calling him "an amazing person".

Dom then claimed the pair were talking and still together, when Georgia went on Harry Jowsey's podcast, with Dom adding he felt "blindsided".

He said: "We were still talking. We were together, and she had to go do a certain podcast. The podcast came out and the title of the podcast was 'Georgia and Harry Jowsey Fall in Love'."

Georgia discussed meeting Harry and explained why their relationship worked so well.

Georgia hits back at Dom's claim they were together when she filmed the podcast

After the "where are they now" video aired, Georgia addressed Dom's comments in an Instagram story post, claiming he never spoke about his feelings towards the podcast and then claimed Dom was having dinner with Ines Tazi (a fellow Perfect Match cast member) when she returned from filming the podcast.

Georgia said: "Since Dom would rather communicate online rather than face to face, this is for you Dom. You are so 'unbothered' but you never spoke to me about having issues with the title of a podcast I had no say in creating.

"I came back to our hotel after that podcast. You conveniently left out that you were at diner with Ines that night and I actually go back to our hotel before you did. Didn't mention you two were in contact continuously post show either? And are dating now?"

perfect match what is happening with dom and georgia

Georgia claimed Dom started speaking to her after hanging out with Francesca

Georgia went onto claim she had seen Dom a few weeks ago and he did not express any issue with her. She then said they had been messaging like normal but stopped messaging after Dom saw Francesca Farago, who he was originally paired up with on the show.

Francesca also happens to have dated Harry Jowsey previously when they appeared on Too Hot To Handle together in 2020.

Georgia wrote on Instagram: "We saw each other a few weeks ago with the rest of the cast we spoke and hugged, you were lovely and said no mention of any concerns. We messaged after seeing each other that night in the days following and you were normal over message. But conveniently stopped replying when you started hanging out with Francesca."

Georgia went onto say she would be taking time away from social media for her mental health.

Dom responds to Georgia and denies having dinner with Ines

Dom then responded to Georgia with a post on his Instagram stories.

He shared screenshots of texts allegedly from Georgia, adding a caption: "Why would I speak to you about having issues afterwards when I asked how was the podcast right after? But you failed to mention you literally mention me on the podcast and I didn't find out till after."

perfect match what is happening with dom and georgia

Dom then claimed he was out for dinner with fellow Perfect Match cast member Zay Wilson, Ines Tazi and the producers of the show.

He also added: "I'm also very f**king single," in response to Georgia's claim he is dating Ines.

Ines has also denied dating Dom, in a statement posted on her Instagram Stories, Ines said: "My relationship with Dom is a PLATONIC, unconditional (&loyal) friendship love."

Dom claimed the pair didn't speak recently

In response to Georgia's claim the pair spoke recently, Dom claimed they only spoke briefly at the "where are they now" filming and that they spoke on text about the apparent prize fund from Perfect Match.

Dom posted on his Instagram story: "We saw each other at the 'where are they now' shoot and we didn't speak or hug."

He also alleged they hadn't spoken since Georgia's podcast with Harry came out and that Georgia ghosted him after appearing on Harry's podcast.

Georgia claims she had messaged Dom

In since deleted Instagram Stories Georgia shared a screenshot of a text message allegedly sent to Dom following his win on Netflix's The Mole.

For context Dom took part in filming for The Mole ahead of filming for Perfect Match, however the series did not air until September 2022.

Georgia captioned the screenshot of the message: "Gonna leave this out?" Dom has not yet responded to this claim.

Here's hoping both Georgia and Dom are doing ok.

Perfect Match is available on Netflix now

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