Drake gifts fan $50,000 during Las Vegas concert

Drake gifted a fan $50,000 (£39,700) during his concert over the weekend.

During his most recent performance in Las Vegas over the weekend, the 36-year-old rapper gifted a fan a large sum of money after noticing their sign in the audience.

The lucky fan was holding a sign that read, "I spent my furniture money on tickets to your two shows, OVO For Life."

In a video shared on TikTok, the One Dance hitmaker could be seen noticing the sign in the crowd and telling the fan that he wanted to give him something back.

"My manager is my DJ... You know what, my man, your furniture money," Drake could be heard saying. "I'm going to give you 50 bands (thousand dollars) tonight because I love you."

The musician then explained the reasoning behind gifting the concertgoer the money.

"You never know what the next person is going through," he told the crowd. "You never know what the person in front of you, to the left, right, or behind you, is going through. So, I want to take a second in Las Vegas tonight. And the same way I just did what I did, I want you to open up your heart for a second and turn to someone you do not know to give them some love or a compliment. I want you to make somebody's night in Las Vegas tonight."

The kind gesture comes just weeks after Drake gifted another fan a Hermès Birkin bag during one of his Los Angeles performances.