Drake fans and famous friends make fun of his sleek new man bun: ‘3 months shy of a Million Dollar Mullet’

Drake fans and famous friends make fun of his sleek new man bun: ‘3 months shy of a Million Dollar Mullet’

Fans are currently expressing their amusement over and poking fun at Drake’s newest hairstyle.

The 35-year-old rapper debuted his new look on Thursday on Instagram, where he posted two images of himself at a casino, with his hair slicked back and in a low bun. He appeared to have a lot of gel or grease in his hair.

Drake also shared a video of himself getting his hair washed and documented the process of getting his look done. In the caption, he wrote: “Give this guy a name…”

In the comments of the post, which has nearly two million likes, many famous friends of the singer made fun of him for his new hairstyle.

“RAZOR AUBREY RAMONE aka SCOTT HALL,” Quavo joking wrote, referring to the late wrestler who often used gel in his hair to push it back.

“You about 3 months shy of a Million Dollar Mullet. I see what you doin,” Riff Raff added.

On Twitter, multiple fans also shared their candid thoughts about the “One Dance” singer’s look and what kind of hairstyle they want him to take on next.

“Aubrey Drake’s hair journey is fun. I want him to get some bundles,” one wrote.

“Why does Drake’s hair look like he put on way too much cologne now,” another added, while a third person joked: “Drake got a whole bucket of eco styler in his hair.”

However, other fans went on to note how they didn’t mind the hairdo and claimed that other people may try to test it out now too.

“I think it’s cute how Drake plays around with his hair and style and s***,” one wrote. “Idk it’s like he’s just having fun.”

“Just like Drake, I slick my hair back and I’m immediately a baddie,” another added.

A third person wrote: “I wanna see [motherf***ers] do the new Drake hair since everybody and they mama had that lame a** heart.”

This isn’t the first time that Drake’s new hair has made headlines. In November 2020, he debuted his now signature heart-shaped haircut on Instagram. At the time, he captioned the post: “Life can look good in a picture but we don’t live in pictures just know dat.”