Drag Superstar Bimini's Skincare Routine Begins With Washing Off Their Eyeliner

5 in 5 with bimini
5 In 5 With Bimini

Trust drag superstar, fashion disruptor and self-proclaimed 'bad b*tch', Bimini, to totally turn everything we thought we knew about beauty on its head. Kicking off their everyday 'girly on the go' routine for ELLE UK's latest episode of '5 In 5', Bimini applies plenty of black pencil eyeliner... before washing it off. Yes, really. 'I'm gonna do something that you might think is a bit weird, I think it's a great little trick,' they say of the unexpected first step. 'To get that really lived in effect I'm going to wash my face. It looks a mess, but that's the point.'

Never one to follow the rules or be put in a box, the RuPaul's Drag Race UK star is known for their outlandish and high fashion looks, whether in or out of drag. 'I like to feel done, I like to feel good, especially when I'm on the go I like to feel a bit more me so I like to look a bit grungy; that just got out of bed vibe.'

Eyeliner done, now it's time for skin prep. 'As someone that wears a lot of make-up I need to make sure I tone my skin, which I do morning and night. You gotta watch out though because some of them have those really strong AHAs in.' Daily SPF50, de-puffing cryo tools kept in the freezer and keeping an eye on AHAs are just a few of Bimini's secrets behind their sculpted skin. 'When you're putting moisturiser on always bring it upwards, never bring your face inwards. Up the neck, never down!'

But, they haven't always been so wise when it comes to skincare tip. 'I remember when I used to just use coconut oil for everything. That was a disaster.'

Moving onto make-up, the 29-year-old covers everything from wearing concealer on your lips ('Can you remember that? God, I can't wait for that to come back'), to why they're known for smelling amazing ('If it's good enough for RiRi, it's good enough for me me'), ending their episode of '5 In 5' with a classic Bimini mantra: 'Listen, we live in a world where you never know what you're gonna get and we like to try new things.'

Watch Bimini's full 5 In 5 in the video at the top of this article.

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