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My hairdresser told me to stop washing my hair with shampoo so often and use this product instead for stronger and brighter strands

Talk to any hairstylist, and they’ll tell you not to wash your hair every single day. Overwashing can cause hair breakage and split ends, dry strands or even an irritated scalp. As someone who gets their hair highlighted, I’ve learned it can also dull your color. Of course, I’m constantly working with my own hairdresser on how to make my color last longer, and recently, she recommended I wash my hair less and use this apple cider vinegar rinse from dpHue instead.

Use daily or whenever your hair needs a refresh.

$34 at Amazon

I’m a natural blonde who gets a full or partial highlight every three months to brighten up my strands. I love a cool-toned blond color and use purple shampoo to combat any brassy tones. However, using purple shampoo too often can actually dull the hair rather than give the bright, shiny color you’re going for. Instead, sometimes it’s just buildup that makes hair look dull. That’s why my hairstylist said she loves the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse.

You can use the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse to get rid of buildup on your scalp and strands from natural oils, hair products and minerals in hard water. In addition to removing buildup, this ACV rinse includes lavender extract and aloe vera. These ingredients help control scalp dryness, with Argan oil to strengthen hair and improve shine.

You’ve probably seen tutorials for DIY apple cider vinegar rinses online. But the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is specifically formulated to be gentle, help lock in color, strengthen hair and enhance shine. Plus, it doesn’t smell as strong as regular vinegar or leave your hair smelling like it.

According to the product description, you can use the rinse instead of your regular shampoo every other day, once a week, after a workout or whenever your hair is looking dull or feeling dry. It shouldn’t completely replace your shampoo, though. You’ll still need to wash your hair about every three days or whenever you usually wash it. Think of it more as a gentle rinse in between regular shampooing.

To use it, first wet your hair in the shower and squeeze out all the excess water. Next, squeeze the product onto your scalp in sections. Next, massage the rinse into your scalp. Then, comb it through your hair and let it sit for one to three minutes before rinsing. You can follow up with conditioner as needed.

This stuff is great!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “As a blonde, it’s hard to go many days without shampoo, but I’ve been able to go much longer thanks to this rinse. Highly recommend.”

“I have fine hair that gets greasy, especially with how much I exercise,” explained another reviewer. “I try to only wash a few times a week because it was so damaging to my blonde ends. I started using this stuff in place of shampoo and it keeps my hair shiny and clean for longer than regular shampoo. I only use regular shampoo after swimming! This stuff is a little kinda pricey but worth every penny!”

OK, admittedly, at $37 for a 8.5-ounce bottle, it’s not super cheap — but neither is getting your hair colored. I tell myself that if I use the rinse in between appointments, it should help keep my hair healthy and make my color last longer. Plus, if I do the girl math, that makes this a great investment and actually saves me money in the long run. So, yes, it is worth every penny, and I’m even stocking up.

Use daily or whenever your hair needs a refresh.

$34 at Amazon

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