Dove Cameron experienced 'total identity shift' when she dyed hair brown

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Dove Cameron felt she "reclaimed" her authentic self when she dyed her hair brown.

The actress/singer debuted her brunette transformation at the LACMA Art+Film gala last November and has stuck with the dramatic look ever since.

In an interview with E! News, Dove explained that she experienced a "total identity shift" when she decided to ditch her signature platinum blonde locks.

"I genuinely felt like dyeing my hair was a total identity shift for me," she told the outlet. "I have so much genuine, emotional pain attached to being a blonde."

Dove, who came out as queer last year, went on to note that she is still surprised how much a change in hair colour has affected her outlook.

"When I dyed my hair it was a reclamation of deciding who I was versus who I felt I always had to be," the 26-year-old continued. "I feel like I have more fun now and I feel more in touch with myself. It's wild how something as small as a hair colour can do that for us."

Back in September 2020, Dove shared in an interview with Byrdie that she stopped dyeing her hair during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I haven't dyed my hair in six months, which has been great for me because as a blonde this s**t requires so much maintenance, as I'm sure you know. I feel like my hair is actually growing for the first time in two years, which is amazing," she said at the time.