Double Tesco joy for York distillery

Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka is now available in Tesco <i>(Image: Submitted)</i>
Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka is now available in Tesco (Image: Submitted)

Ellers Farm Distillery at Stamford Bridge, near York, is celebrating further retail success, with confirmed listings for two of its key products in retail giant Tesco.

Tesco’s listing sees both the distillery’s hero premium vodka – Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka – and its Small Batch Spirits Cherry Liqueur, hit the shelves in 48 stores across the Yorkshire region.

Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, launched in 2022, aims to offer drinkers the opportunity to rediscover vodka.

The distillery says it delivers a flawless and exceptionally smooth vodka, which showcases the quality and versatility of the liquid.


It is hand-crafted from British apples and tasted every 20 minutes during the unique distillation process.

Furthermore, Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka says it is committed to making planet-friendly choices in every step of the creation of its liquid.

In addition to measuring and offsetting carbon emissions by working with ClimatePartner, the team have also planted 2.5 acres of apple trees at the distillery.

These trees not only remove carbon from the atmosphere as they grow, but create a biodiverse habitat that benefits local pollinators, birds, and mammals.

Dutch Barn Orchard’s brown glass bottles were also chosen because they use a higher percentage of recycled glass and are made in Yorkshire, cutting down transport emissions and paving the way for a new gold standard in vodka production.

Joining the hero product’s listing is Ellers Farm Distillery’s award-winning Cherry Liqueur, which is distilled in limited runs of 500 bottles to ensure that each product delivers exceptional taste.

The distillery says combining the flavour of Black Forest gateau cut with sour cherry juice, Cherry Liqueur is a firm favourite in its Small Batch Spirits range.

Putting a modern twist on a classic flavour profile with notes of chocolate, almond, and coffee, it promises to be perfect as part of a cocktail, or used in baking.

Based just outside Stamford Bridge, Ellers Farm Distillery says it brings together quality production with its planet-focused ethos, having been carbon neutral since production started in early 2022.

The latest announcement marks a trio of recent successes for Ellers Farm Distillery, having listed with three of the UK’s big six supermarkets in the last four months.

Steve Hickey, sales and marketing director at Ellers Farm Distillery, said: “2023 has been an incredible year so far when it comes to retail success, and we’re proud to now be stocked with Tesco across Yorkshire. As the UK’s largest grocery retailer, it’s testament to the brand and its quality.

“Our Small Batch Spirits Cherry Liqueur has seen major success when it comes to online sales, and we’re confident that this will translate in-store for Tesco.”

Small Batch Spirits Cherry Liqueur (£16) and Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka (£30) are available in-store and online in selected Yorkshire-based Tesco stores now.