When It Doesn't Cool Down at Night, Sleep Soundly With the Help of These 16 Products

Summer is our favorite season, but the one major con is the nighttime heat and humidity. We find ourselves kicking off the covers because we're too hot to function, and nobody wants that. This year, we resolve to beat the summer sweats by making our bedroom as cool as possible. It's going to be an oasis of calm, cooling vibes - we can just feel it. But, in order to do so, we've got to invest in some cooling products.

What exactly is a cooling product, you may ask? Think crisp sheets, cooling pillows, great fans, and essential oils. Plus, there's an ice-pack eye mask that we can't wait to get our hands on. If you know the struggle of summer humidity, keep reading to shop our picks!


With Casper's Newest Sheet Collection, You'll Always Have the Cool Side of the Pillow

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