Don't Panic, Celebrations Isn't Removing The Bounty From All Their Tubs

It is with great, great sadness we bring you the news that Celebrations is trialling Bounty-less chocolate tubs. Now for some of you, you might be jumping for joy – but for us here on the Delish team, we're absolutely distraught (don't come for us).

As it turns out, in a survey of 2,000 Britons aged between 18 and 65, Mars Wrigley said that almost one in five (18%) people revealed that they would feel irritated to find only Bounty bars left in the tub. While 39% said they wanted the bars banished for good.

So, as part of a trial, the team behind Celebrations is rolling out tubs of "No Bounty" Celebrations. Customers will have to buy a classic tub from Tesco for £4, and then swap it for a Bounty-less one. But don't panic, because the tubs will only be available across 40 Tesco locations in November and December. Which means us Bounty lover's can still get us coconut chocolate fix!

Emily Owen, Senior Brand Manager at Celebrations, said, "Christmas is the time for giving – but it seems this year, the British public are keen for us to take away… the Bounty.”

“Off the back of public demand, we're trialling taking them out of tubs altogether.”

In other *good* news, Quality Street has announced the return of one of our all-time favourite flavours: Honeycomb Crunch.

Culled from the popular Christmas choc boxes back in 2018, the flavour has been reinstated in select John Lewis stores across the UK. Available in John Lewis’ pick ‘n’ mix stations nationwide, where shoppers are invited to create their own Quality Street tins.

Not stopping there, Quality Street also recently announced it was ditching their trademark colour pop plastic wrappers for the first time in 86 years in a bid to be more eco-friendly.