Don't Know What to Wear for Not-so-Cold October Weekends? Wear This

Murray Clark
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Photo credit: BG028/Bauer-Griffin
Photo credit: BG028/Bauer-Griffin

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There's something very Scorsese about a crisp autumnal morning. You slide on your Nice Big Coat, take a walk in the nearest park, and, like the old men of The Irishman or some such other mafia retrospective, silently dwell on your lived years in the autumn of your life, golden leaves crunching underfoot (metaphor!). Except, hopefully, you haven't killed anyone. And, despite the well-worn tropes of chilly October mornings, they're not so chilly in 2020. You're uncomfortable. You're over-layered. You're not in the sedate last chapter of a Scorsese film anymore. You're less wistful De Niro, more sweaty bountied Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems. Very, very different films. Very different outfits.

Photo credit: BG028/Bauer-Griffin
Photo credit: BG028/Bauer-Griffin

For though we're well into the wilds of October, our perspiring planet hasn't ushered in the cold snap just yet. It might not for a while. So that puts Big Coat Season on ice (don't worry: you'll still get much wear in the nuclear winters of December, January and February). It also presents a problem. What does one wear when it's too cold for T-shirts and too hot for full, layered-up jackets?

You wear what Zachary Quinto wears. In the ever-so-slightly-warmer climes of LA, The Boys in the Band star nailed in-between dressing in paint-by-numbers menswear: thick off-white sweatshirt (goes with anything), solid blue chinos (classic), baseball cap (because you lose most of your heat through your head, or so says anyone over the age of 65) and a face mask (because you don't want to infect anyone over the age of 65).

It's not the sort of stuff that would stop traffic. But in post/pre-lockdown, that's the order of the day. We want comfort when meeting friends outside, and doing everything else outside, and we want reliable combos that work with little thought required. Show-boating is best saved to evenings in which you and members of your household can go bar hopping, or when you recreate your favourite club and drink till 4am in the comfort of a living room. For now, though, easy, solid menswear is the best uniform for a Saturday of errands. It'll also stop your overheating.

The lack of a mafia overcoat that may or may not have a gun in the inside pocket doesn't sound very Scorsese, granted. But for memories – and the temperature – of a not-so-distant summer, layer-up with your best sweatshirt and enjoy the outdoors while possible. You're not in life's autumn just yet.

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