'I don't use filters or airbrushing': Kerry Katona spills all on doing OnlyFans

Kerry Katona doesn't use filters for her X-rated OnlyFans pictures.

The former Atomic Kitten star - who is engaged to Ryan Mahoney and recently revealed they made a secret sex tape together - understands that those paying for a subscription for her racy content on the adult site want to see a "MILF" naked, not a young fresh-skinned beauty.

She told Heat magazine: "Still doing OnlyFans. Still loving getting my t*** out."

Kerry, 42, says it's easy for her to constantly take pictures and message her subs.

Asked what her working week looks like, she added: "It depends if I'm doing pictures.

"I don't use filters or airbrushing. I know my audience, I'm a MILF.

It's just a case of taking pictures, putting them up.

Getting my t*** out, take a picture. I could be sat here doing it now [ while she's being interviewed on WhatsApp audio]. I'm not, but I could very easily.

It's pictures and constant messaging all the time.

"But, hell yeah, why shouldn't I?"

The 'Whole Again' singer - who has Molly, 21, and Lilly, 20, with first husband Brian McFadden, Heidi, 16, and Max, 15, with second spouse Mark Croft, and nine-year-old Dylan-Jorge with late third husband George Kay- also doesn't have much of a social life.

She said about her life living back up north: "Yeah, I mean, I really don't have a social life. I don't go, 'Ooh, I'm going out with the girls', because I don't have any girls to go out with. My social life is going to work, doing this interview. I don't really like going out, but being up north is great. because I'll go to the hairdressers or go and get a bit of Botox, or do a food shop and have a bit of a chat that's my social life."