Donny Osmond felt 'lonely' as teenage star

Donny Osmond credit:Bang Showbiz
Donny Osmond credit:Bang Showbiz

Donny Osmond has admitted he felt "so lonely" as a teenage superstar.

The iconic singer, now 63, has reflected on his rise to fame and admitted he would never want to go back to being 19 - despite the early success and popularity - when he was returning to empty hotel rooms after shows.

He told Closer magazine in the US: "I was just so lonely.

"You go back to the early 1970s, and you've got literally thousands of screaming girls at those concerts yelling your name but then you go back to a very quiet hotel or the bus.

"I learned what loneliness is in life."

However, that all changed for him when he married his wife Debra in 1978, and he hailed his partner as his "saving grace", while reflecting on the "romantic" moments they still share.

He added: "She's been my saving grace. My confidante and friend.

"Last night, we were out in the garden talking as were pulling weeds and watering plants. In its own little way, it was a very romantic evening."

Donny - who revealed Debra has also inspired songs on his upcoming 65th album 'Start Again' is set to hit the stage as Harrah's Las Vegas from August 31, and he is glad to have his family go to back to rather than being on his own.

He said: "This business can eat you up, so I try to live as normal a life as I possibly can.

"Yesterday, I had so much to get done, but the kids were all swimming in the pool. I said no, the work can wait."

His Vegas run comes over two years after his and his sister Marie Osmond ended their 'Donny and Marie Show' at the Flamingo Hotel in Sin City.

Asked why they made the decision, Donny said at the time: "Why? Why not? There's so many projects we want to do individually.

"She's got her career, I've got my career ... We had no idea it would be 11 years. We started out as a six-week contract and here we are 11 years later."