How To Donate To Black Lives Matter Without Money

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Photo credit: Dan Kitwood - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dan Kitwood - Getty Images

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If you're not flush, or you've already donated as much as you can, or you're under 18, and you can't get to a protest, there are ways you can contribute to the Black Lives Matter cause.

The most ingenious that's turned up so far is simply by watching YouTube videos. It's simple: all the advertising revenue that a channel would get from a single video is donated to Black Lives Matter and related fundraising campaigns helping the fight for justice.

YouTuber Zoe Amira was the first to come up with the idea, filling a 45-minute video with black art and artists.

Since then, loads more YouTubers have joined in.

There are a few things to remember when you're joining in with this: firstly, you need any ad-blocking plug-ins turned off, obviously. Second, don't skip any adverts. Third, don't just set it to reply – click on four or five other videos after the original one's finished, then search for it again in the search bar. Don't pause it and don't skip through, and don't add it to a playlist of other donating videos. All those things will make YouTube's algorithm suspicious of spamming. Leaving a comment and a like will do a video the power of good though.

Other very, very good ways of making a difference if you're short on funds include writing to your MP about the UK's export of rubber bullets, tear gas and other crowd control kit to the United States – there's a template letter here if you're not sure what to write, just add your name and where you live at the bottom – and making it a regular commitment to remind them that you expect them to keep up the pressure after the street protests are over.

You could also volunteer with one of the many anti-racism charities in the UK, like Show Racism the Red Card, and spread the education materials of the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, which is based in Glasgow.

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