‘She’s beautiful inside and out’: Donald Trump praises ‘wise’ Queen as he reveals their discussions on Brexit

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
The President said he spoke about Brexit with the Queen during his UK visit (Rex)

Donald Trump has revealed that he discussed Brexit with the Queen during his divisive visit to the UK.

Speaking with Good Morning Britain (GMB) host Piers Morgan, the President described the Queen as ‘a beautiful woman – inside and out’, and said that the meeting would have meant so much to his late mother.

When asked by Morgan whether the pair had discussed Brexit, the President replied: ‘I did.’

He added: ‘She said it’s a very – and she’s right – it’s a very complex problem, I think nobody had any idea how complex that was going to be…

‘Everyone thought it was going to be ‘Oh it’s simple, we join or don’t join, or let’s see what happens..’’

Trump went on to praise the Queen for being ‘a beautiful woman’.

He said: ‘She is so sharp, so wise, so beautiful. Up close, you see she’s so beautiful. She’s a very special person.’

Trump also spoke about his plans for re-election in 2020, the possibility of a trade deal with the UK and his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the interview.

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Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers proposals had seemingly put any chance of trade with the US post-Brexit impossible but Trump is more hopeful.

He told GMB: ‘I think we’re going to have a great trade deal.

‘Now, if they do whatever they do, they have to… I said, make sure that you have a carve out.

Donald Trump discussed trade and Brexit during his interview on Good Morning Britain (Twitter/Good Morning Britain)

‘You know, I’ve called it a carve out for this. You have to have a carve out where no matter what happens they have the right to make a deal with the United States.’

Asked about his summit with Kim Jong-un and his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump said: ‘I’d like to see peace, most people said ‘day one we’re going to be in war when Trump is President’ but we’re actually getting out of wars.’

However, when asked whether he thought Putin was a friend or enemy, Trump replied: ‘I don’t know him. I met him a couple of times, I met him at the G20. I think we could probably get along very well.

Trump said Theresa May must make sure the UK can trade with the United States after Brexit (Rex)

‘Somebody said, ‘Are you friends or enemies?’

‘I said, ‘Well it’s too early to say, but right now I say we’re competitors’.’

Trump recently faced worldwide condemnation after refugee families were separated at the Mexican border.

The interview with the President took place on Air Force One (Rex)

But the President was defiant when questioned about the controversial policy, instead blaming the previous administration.

He said: ‘It wasn’t my policy. Obama had the same policy…

‘It’s a terrible law. Our laws are very weak.’