Donald Trump: Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana 'kissed my a**'

Donald Trump claims Queen Elizabeth 'kissed my a**' credit:Bang Showbiz
Donald Trump claims Queen Elizabeth 'kissed my a**' credit:Bang Showbiz

Donald Trump has claimed the late Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana "kissed [his] ass".

The former US president is releasing a collection of correspondence, 'Letters to Trump', which features 150 notes from figures around the world, including the British royals, former US presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, media mogul Oprah Winfrey, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and the business mogul says the book will lay bare how sycophantic people were towards him both before he took office in January 2017 and after.

Speaking to Breitbart News about what readers can expect from 'Letters to Trump', he said: “I think they’re going to see a very fascinating life.

“I knew them all – and every one of them kissed my a**, and now I only have half of them kissing my a**.”

The 76-year-old politician's son, Donald Trump Jr. told the outlet his father had corresponded with “some of the most interesting people in the world” but “it’s amazing how quickly their adoration of him changed when he ran for office as a Republican".

He added: “'Letters to Trump' shows you exactly how they felt about him and how phony their newfound disdain truly is.”

Following the comments by Trump - who will run for presidency again next year - Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, has claimed the late princess thought the 'Apprentice' star was "worse than an anal fissure.

The earl tweeted: "Surprised to hear that Donald Trump is apparently claiming that my late sister Diana wanted to "kiss his a***", since the one time she mentioned him to me - when he was using her good name to sell some real estate in New York - she clearly viewed him as worse than an anal fissure."

'Letters to Trump' will go on sale next month, costing $99, or $399 for a signed copy.