Donald Trump ‘p*****’ his daughter Ivanka Trump was forced to testify in his fraud case

Donald Trump is said to be “p*****” his daughter was forced to testify in his fraud case.

The scandal-hit former US president, 77, is facing charges of inflating his wealth on financial statements given to banks to secure loans, and his 42-year-old daughter Ivanka Trump took the stand in the proceedings on Wednesday (08.11.23) in New York as the state’s final witness – after legal attempts by the mother-of-three and her father to keep her out of the courtroom failed.

A source close to the Trumps told Page Six about Ivanka’s dad’s outrage at her having to give testimony: “What you aren’t hearing in court is how upset and agitated (Trump] is that his children have been dragged into court. He feels it’s another move to upset him. He’s p*****.

“This is causing problems with Ivanka who has worked hard to stay under the radar for last two-ish years, and is bracing herself for the press and paparazzi who will pounce on her at court.”

Wednesday’s hearing was told Ivanka boasted to colleagues it “doesn’t get better than this” when she managed to negotiate down terms of a deal needed to secure a $125 million loan from Deutsche Bank for a Miami golf course.

Ivanka insisted she didn’t “recall' asking bank executives to lower the $3 billion net worth required for her dad to get the money as she was hit with questions about her role in securing loans for the Trump Organization during her appearance on the stand.

State lawyer Louis Solomon appeared to lose his temper with Ivanka for giving “three minute” descriptions about hotels and not answering questions.

Ivanka left the Trump Organization in 2017 to become a White House advisor to her dad and is not a defendant in the case but was subpoenaed to testify.

Trump denies all wrongdoing.