Donald Trump Jr. is being trolled for the weirdest reason

Tanya Edwards
Photo: Instagram/donaldtrumpjr

First son Donald Trump Jr.’s kids love their Nerf guns, and their dad seems to bear the brunt of the toys’ firepower.

In his latest Instagram post, the father of five shared a video of his youngest daughter, Chloe, waking him up after a redeye flight by shooting him with her Nerf gun. It’s a cute scene, but some of Trump Jr.’s followers didn’t focus on what was happening but on the color of the bedroom walls: lavender.


Quite a few comments took issue with the walls in the room Trump Jr. was waking up in, which they assumed was his bedroom.

“So she’s waking you up in your lavender bedroom,” wrote one. “Interesting color choice.”

Another kept it simple. “Purple? Dude…”

“I thought the very same thing as soon as I saw the video…..a Lavender bedroom? Maybe it was his wife’s color choice before they split,” another user added.

Plenty jumped to his defense, of course, since, after all, it’s just a color.

“The color is pretty. Ive seen master bedrooms that were pastel colors. They were decorated beautifully,” one wrote. “Who cares whether anyone else doesn’t like it.”

Another felt the bold color spoke to Don Jr.’s abilities as a man and a father, writing: “Only a real man’s man could rock that wall color with confidence, and to be able to wake up to that adorable little face. Who cares about the color. I bet you would let her paint your nails too. Those are the things DADDYS let their little girls do so they don’t go looking for ‘daddy’s’ later.”

“I like the color of your room and it is your home so what ever color you want is your right. You live there, not the public,” wrote another, taking a stand for bedroom paint freedom. “Paint it whatever color or colors you want.”

And this follower spelled out the most likely scenario, saying: “You ever think that probably was the color his wife picked out and hasn’t changed it yet. Maybe they’ll get back together. Get your minds out of the gutter.”

Of course, this is not the first time a video that Don Jr. shared on his Instagram caused a conversation. Just a few short weeks ago, he experienced dad-shaming when he posted a similar video of Chloe, but she wasn’t wearing a top.

In fact, one comment on the new post referenced the shaming, with a follower writing, “Ha ha and she has clothes on this time!”

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