Donald Trump's Tweet About Joe Biden Making Jobs 'Disappear' Raises More Than A Few Eyebrows

Chris York
·2-min read

Donald Trump has claimed “jobs will disappear” if he loses the presidential election to Joe Biden, despite overseeing one of the worst periods of unemployment in US history.

The president made the remark in a tweet on Saturday night in which he also claimed his Democratic rival would cause the markets to “CRASH”.

More than 30 million Americans were receiving unemployment checks in the week ending July 11 and in March US stock markets saw their biggest drops on record – all on Trump’s watch.

The response to Trump’s tweet was one of disbelief.

Trump is trailing in the polls to Biden, and his tweets lately have taken an increasingly outlandish turn as his presidency is upended by the coronavirus crisis.

One person in the US died about every minute from Covid-19 on Wednesday as the national death toll surpassed 150,000, the highest in the world.

Trump has already stated that he might not accept the result of the election if he loses and he has singled out mail-in voting which he is targeting with the very same kind of disinformation US authorities have warned foreign adversaries could use to foment doubt in the voting process.

For weeks now Trump has tweeted multiple times, unfounded claims that it will lead to a “RIGGED ELECTION” as foreign countries try and hijack his presidency.

There are multiple safeguards in place and mail-in voting has been used for decades without any problems.


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