Donald Glover hopes Tyler Perry 'understands' Atlanta spoof

Donald Glover hopes Tyler Perry "understands" his parody of him in the TV show Atlanta.

In one episode in the show's fourth season, Glover donned heavy prosthetic makeup to play a Black studio head named Kirkwood Chocolate who is known for lowbrow but popular films.

Glover revealed in a cover interview with GQ that he gave Perry a heads-up about the spoof but hasn't heard from him since the episode aired in October 2022.

"I told him I was gonna do it," he shared. "I don't know how he took it. I texted him once, I think, for something… I didn't hear back. That's the thing about being Black. It becomes so personal, so fast. I'm not s**tting on you."

The Community actor hopes Perry doesn't see the gag as a personal attack because it was not intended that way.

"If somebody did that about me, I'd be like, that's good. He has a right to not feel that way," he added. "I hope (he) understands. I still want to shoot at his studio someday."

When asked how he can commit to a joke that might offend someone, Glover explained, "Because I'm not a politician. I'm an artist and I'm good. I'm a good artist. That's the difference. If I didn't think I was a good artist, then I'd be like, Maybe I shouldn't do this. But this is nuanced and funny."

The fourth and final season of Atlanta ended in November.