Domino’s Is Launching A Vegan 'Chicken' Pizza And Vegan 'Chicken' Nuggets

Anna Lewis
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Vegans, gather round. We have some great pizza-based news for you.

Back in June, Domino’s launched two vegan pizzas, that were trialled in 46 locations across the UK.

There was a vegan Margherita, made with Domino's very own vegan cheese. And option number two was the Vegan Vegi Supreme, which was topped with an array of fresh vegetables, including mushrooms, sweetcorn, onions, green and red peppers and tomatoes.

And then, seeing as they were such a big hit, they were then released nationwide! Plus, a vegan garlic and herb dip was launched, and it was all too exciting.

Photo credit: Domino's
Photo credit: Domino's

And now, seeing as all these vegan offerings have done so well, Domino's has added yet another vegan pizza to its menu. plus a vegan side!

Photo credit: Domino's
Photo credit: Domino's

From 4th January, Domino's will be adding its first meat-alternative pizza, The Chick-Ain’t, and southern-fried vegan nuggets to its menu.

The Chick-Ain't features vine-ripened tomato sauce, Domino’s vegan cheese, delicious plant-based strips, crunchy onions, finely chopped green and red peppers.

Domino’s Legume Legend, Melanie Howe said: “Our food innovation team haven’t stopped experimenting in the test kitchen since we launched our Vegan Friendly range a few months ago and we just know our customers are going to adore the Chick-Ain't pizza and Vegan Nuggets. Feedback on the existing range has been overwhelmingly good and it's brilliant to offer even more choice to customers. These delicious additions land in stores just in time for the start of Veganuary, pizza and plants truly are a match made in heaven!"

Photo credit: Domino's
Photo credit: Domino's

Thank you Domino's for making all our vegan pizza dreams come true.

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