Domino’s New Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Is A Real Crowd-Pleaser

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Vegans, Veganuary participants and people that are just generally trying to cut down their meat intake, gather round. We have some great pizza-based news for you.

Last year, Domino’s launched three vegan pizzas: a vegan Margherita, made with Domino's very own vegan cheese, the Vegan Vegi Supreme, which was topped with an array of fresh vegetables, including mushrooms, sweetcorn, onions, green and red peppers and tomatoes, and the Chick-Ain't, which featured vine-ripened tomato sauce, Domino’s vegan cheese, delicious plant-based strips, crunchy onions, finely chopped green and red peppers.

Plus, vegan garlic and herb dip and vegan nuggets were launched, and it was all too exciting.

And now, seeing as all these vegan offerings have done so well, Domino's has added yet another plant-based pizza to its menu.

May we introduce you to Domino's PepperoNAY pizza? This bad boy is made up of vine-ripened tomato sauce, Domino’s vegan cheese and specially created vegan pepperoni from The Vegetarian Butcher.

Domino’s Melanie Howe said: “After much experimenting in the Domino’s kitchens, with taste tests a plenty, we can’t wait to bring vegan PepperoNAY to the masses. These smoky PepperoNAY slices are going to go down a treat. With deals to suit every budget, there is no excuse to not try something new this January!”

You can order the PepperoNAY pizza for delivery of collection now! Seriously... thank you Domino's for making all our vegan pizza dreams come true once again.

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