Perfect Match's Dom and Georgia share a major relationship update

perfect match what is happening with dom and georgia
Dom and Georgia give major relationship updateNetflix

*Contains spoilers for the finale of Perfect Match*

Ever since Netflix dropped their newest reality show Perfect Match, we have been utterly obsessed with the chaotic matches and equally cute couples. But the one burning question we have following the finale is, are Georgia and Dom still together?

Perfect Match sees a number of reality stars from other Netflix shows such as Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind come together to try and find their perfect match, through a series of challenges and dates. One couple viewers (yes we mean us too) have been loving throughout the series is Too Hot To Handle's Georgia Hassarati and The Mole's Dom Gabriel.

It's been nearly a year since Perfect Match was filmed so what exactly has happened with Dom and Georgia's relationship since then? And are they still together? This is everything you need to know.

perfect match are dom and georgia together

Are Dom and Georgia from Perfect Match still together?

Dom Gabriel from Netflix's The Mole and Georgia Hassarati from Too Hot To Handle entered the Perfect Match villa as singletons.

Dom began his journey as a day one contestant and was initially coupled up with Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle for the first few episodes. However, when Francesca was given the opportunity to go on a date with Damian Powers from Love Is Blind, she took it and left Dom feeling pretty heartbroken.

However, it didn't take long for Dom to get close to someone new as relative newbie to the villa Georgia expressed her interest in him. The couple got close fairly quickly and even though Dom was sent on a number of dates with new women including Colony Reeves and Diamond Jack, he remained loyal to Georgia.

perfect match are dom and georgia together

The couple were eventually crowned the 'Perfect Match' in the series finale, winning a one week all expenses paid holiday to any destination of their choice. Jealous!

Fans of the show were super happy to see the couple had won, with many tweeting their congratulations. One person said: "Arg, my heart!! Rooting for people on a reality show and then they win? Unmatched!!!! #nopunintended. So happy for Dom and Georgia. A well deserved win."

And another said: "I’m glad Dom and Georgia won perfect match, they both are genuine people."

So did the couple stay together following Perfect Match? Well, we hate to break it to you but it looks like Georgia and Dom have split up since filming in early 2022.

Georgia is now reportedly in a relationship with Too Hot To Handle's Harry Jowsey, who also happens to be Francesca Farago's ex. Talk about a reality TV crossover.

In August 2022, Harry Jowsey confirmed to Page Six he and Georgia had been dating for around four months. The couple broke up in November last year, with Harry stating there were no hard feelings between the pair.

Speaking to the US Sun, Harry said: "Georgia is such an incredible human being. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I am beyond grateful we crossed paths.”

However, a number of fans think the pair are now back together after they've both been spotted on each other's Instagrams and TikToks in the last few weeks.

They even went on a trip to Hawaii together at the beginning of the year.

Following the release of the final episodes of Perfect Match earlier this week, Dom and Georgia have confirmed they are no longer together.

Speaking to People, Dom and Georgia revealed they tried to make their relationship work but distance (Georgia is from Australia, whereas Dom is in Canada) made things tricky.

Georgia said: "We're not together. He's amazing and I feel like we tried to see where things could go after the show.

"We were just both in very different situations and we're both from so far away from each other, Australia, Canada. I feel like when you're in that environment you're like, 'Oh, it's going to be fine. We'll make it happen.'"

She added that despite trying to make things work, the couple decided to end their relationship.

Dom shared a similar sentiment telling the publication: "I think she has a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart inside and out. I think any guy that's with her is so lucky to have her, I think they're the luckiest man on Earth.

"Obviously, after the show, there's distance. She's from Australia, I'm from Canada. It's hard." Dom also added he still has "so much love" for Georgia.

It's nice to hear things are still amicable between the pair.

Perfect Match is available on Netflix now

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