Dolly Parton 'never got tired' of Kenny Rogers' voice

Kenny Rogers passed away in March 2020 credit:Bang Showbiz
Kenny Rogers passed away in March 2020 credit:Bang Showbiz

Dolly Parton misses Kenny Rogers "so much".

The legendary singer died of natural causes in March 2020, aged 81, and Dolly admits that she still thinks of him often.

She shared: "I miss him so much. I've lost so many wonderful people in my life in the last few years. But Kenny - he was very, very dear and special and I never get tired of hearing us sing, all the years that we were on stage together."

Dolly insists she will "never got tired of Kenny's voice".

The country music icon has particularly fond memories of recording 'Islands in the Stream', their 1983 collaboration.

She told PEOPLE: "You know how sometimes you get tired of singing something because it just becomes routine?

"But I would always lighten up when that particular song was due in the setlist. It just always made everybody feel so good in the audience and the audience always loved singing it. I never got tired of Kenny's voice."

Dolly also paid tribute to her showbiz pal shortly after he passed away.

The 'Jolene' hitmaker wrote on social media at the time: "Well, I couldn't believe it. This morning when I got up and turned on the TV ... they told me that my friend and singer-partner Kenny Rogers had passed away. And I know that we all know Kenny is in a better place than we are today, but I'm for sure, he's going to be talking to God sometime today if he ain't already. He's going to be asking him to spread some light on a bunch of this darkness going on here.

"But I loved Kenny with all my heart. My heart's broken and a whole chunk of it has gone with him today. And I think, I can speak for all his family, friends, and fans when I say that I will always love you."