Dolly Parton details qualities an actress must have to play her in biopic

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Dolly Parton has detailed the requirements an actress must fulfil in order to portray her in a biopic.

During an appearance on CBS Mornings, the Jolene singer confirmed that an unreleased movie script about her life had been "floating around" for the past year.

When asked who she would choose to portray her in the potential film, Dolly responded, "Well I don't know. I think when it gets to that point we'll be auditioning a lot of different people. We'll just have to see."

According to Fox News, the country music star then listed what characteristics the actress must possess to land the starring role.

"She would need to have my spirit, I would think," she continued. "She'd have to have a lot of that fire and spunk. And she'd have to have some boobs, of course. Whether they were homemade or whether they were real."

Though Dolly expressed a preference for someone who'd "look the part", she shared that her vision was for an "over-exaggerated" version of herself, saying, "That would be pretty easy, even a boy could do that."

Previously, Dolly revealed on Mr Nashville Talks with Larry Ferguson last year that she was "in talks" to create a "musical feature" film centred on her life, after plans for a Broadway show covering her story were scrapped amid theatre shutdowns in 2020.