Doja Cat's Met Gala interview with Emma Chamberlain is hilariously iconic

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doja cat interview is hilarious
Doja Cat's interview with Emma is iconicDimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

This year's Met Gala saw Doja Cat make her debut appearance (sorry how is this only happening now?) on those famous steps and it's safe to say, she officially slayed those stairs.

Sticking on theme for this year's event, which honoured the work of designer Karl Lagerfeld, Doja Cat wore a look inspired by Lagerfeld's beloved cat Choupette, cat nose and all, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Doja wore a silver Oscar De La Renta dress, complete with silver cat ears and prosthetics to give her the resemblance of a cat.

doja cat fans love her interview with emma chamberlain
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

And it appears Doja is fully committing to her feline appearance, by speaking only in cat language, aka meows, as evident in her interview with Emma Chamberlain for Vogue's livestream.

During the interview Emma asked Doja: "So, tell me all about this?" and referenced Doja's outfit, to which Doja replied: "meow".

Emma, then looking slightly confused, proceeded to ask who made her look, her inspiration and what she was looking forward to seeing inside the event. And every time Doja simply replied: "Meow."

Emma could not keep a straight face and people on social media were loving the hilarious interaction between the pair. Many were saying how much they loved Doja Cat's energy towards the evening and others were praising Emma for how she handled the interview.

One person shared a clip of the interview saying: "'Woow…okay, so something a little different' lmao this interaction was perfect."

Another said: "Emma holding in that laugh hsshhsjsjsjs I love how she went along with it tho."

And another said: "she's so unserious i love her HAHAHA."

And one person said: "the way I woulda stopped the interview after I asked the 2nd question lmao."

Doja Cat, never change.

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