Doja Cat 'will gladly join in' on social media spats

Doja Cat has opened up about her complicated relationship with online trolls.

While speaking to Variety for an interview published Wednesday, the Woman rapper discussed using her Internet presence to confront critics.

"It f**king sucks now that I can't fully do my thing on Instagram Live. Now I'm being flooded with people who have these preconceived f**king notions about me, and they come in and try to troll," Doja said of her followers. "Which I'm very good at handling."

She continued, "A lot of people think I'm not good at handling trolls because I respond to them. But that's the art of it: I love to go to f**king war with trolls.

"That's just what I've grown up with; I've been on the Internet for 1,000 f**king years and it's just part of me: that I need to respond. People think, 'Oh, if you're defending yourself, you're weak.'"

Calling herself a "very messy b***h", Doja summarised, "If somebody wants to fight me on the Internet... I will gladly join in, balls to the wall. It's fun for me."

In addition, Doja's creative director Brett Alan Nelson spoke out against trolling.

"Everyone gave her s**t for not wearing eyelashes," he commented. "The Internet's horrible, and there's a bunch of kids online that have their opinions that don't need opinions."