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Rescued dogs

In this image released on Thursday, April 28, 2016, an HSI rescuer snuggles with a dog at the Incheon airport before his flight to the US. Humane Society International rescued the dogs from a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea this week, the fifth such farm that the organization has closed down as part of its campaign to end the dog meat trade. A total of 171 dogs are being flown to shelters and rescues in the United States and Canada for a second chance at life. (Meredith Lee/Humane Society International via AP Images)

Dogs rescued from South Korean meat farms

Almost all the dog meat restaurants in South Korea’s PyeongChang county, where the Winter Olympics opening ceremony was held, have defied a government request to stop serving the food, an official admitted recently.

South Koreans are believed to consume about one million dogs a year as a summertime delicacy, and the greasy red meat — which is invariably boiled for tenderness — is believed to increase energy.