Dog owner enrages family with her ‘ridiculous’ financial demands: ‘[She] is out of her mind’

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A man is refusing to give his younger sister money for his dog just because he gave his older sister money for her new baby.

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. His older sister Nina just had her first baby so he made sure to visit her and help her out financially. When his younger sister Jen found out, she became jealous and got a dog, just so he would give her money.

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“I live across the country from the rest of my family,” he explained. “My older sister, Nina, is 36, and my younger sister, Jen, is 25. Last month, Nina gave birth to her first child. When she went into labor, I booked the first ticket across the country to meet her new son. I took a week off work and spent the entire time helping her out where I could, catching up with family, and looking for any excuse to hold her new baby.”

“During this time, Jen was becoming visibly frustrated with the attention the baby was getting, and she went full passive-aggressive mode on me for the last few days of the trip. On the last day, I gave Nina $5,000 for the baby to use as she wishes. I know she and her husband aren’t in the greatest situation financially, and she would never ask me for money, but I was happy to give it to her.”

After he returned home, Jen began to hound him over his generosity with Nina.

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“A week later… I got a Skype message from her with a picture of a new puppy,” he wrote. “I congratulated her on her new dog and figured that was that. During the next week, Jen kept getting more and more persistent about when I would visit again to see her new dog. I told her I wouldn’t be doing so, and so Jen linked me to her Amazon wishlist for new dog necessities. Since she doesn’t work, it’s not really any surprise that she would ask for someone to buy her things for her dog. I ignored it.”

“Finally, Jen snapped and sent me a really long message about how much attention I gave to Nina for ‘having sex’ (yuck, she’s my sister too you know), how her dog means just as much to her as Nina’s baby, and how I was such an a** to give Nina $1,000. Apparently, word got to her that I gave Nina money, but luckily she misunderstood and thought it was only $1,000. Jen is still refusing to talk to me and our mother even says the least I could do is buy her a leash, but I don’t want to encourage her behavior any further.”

Redditors felt Jen was out of line.

“She’s being beyond ridiculous,” a user wrote.

“Your sister is out of her mind,” another commented.

“Your younger sister is an entitled and spoiled brat,” a person said.

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