Dog Falls 100 Feet Down Mineshaft And Survives

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Dog Falls 100 Feet Down Mineshaft And Survives

A dog who fell 100 feet (30.5 metres) down a mineshaft survived after she was rescued by emergency services personnel.

Officials from Arizona's Mohave County Sheriff's Office were called to the scene north of Bullhead City on Saturday to assist the stricken hound - one-year-old Shelby.

Thankfully, Animal Enforcement and Search and Rescue teams were able to rescue the imperilled pooch, who was lucky to escape with just "bumps and bruises" after her ordeal.

Officials from the Mohave County Sheriff's Office reported: "About 11:30am on Saturday (6/19) morning, the Mohave County Sheriff's Office received a call for help from the owners of Shelby - a female dog about a year old who had just fallen into a mine shaft. It was too deep for her owners to rescue her and she was moving around at the bottom."

Explaining how they conducted the rescue, they added: "The Mohave County Sheriff's Office Animal Enforcement and Search and Rescue were activated and responded to the scene. Rescuers established a technical rope rescue system using the Arizona Vortex and a twin-tensioned line to lower the rescuer down to Shelby.

"At about 100 feet down into the shaft, the rescuer packaged and secured the dog for transport to the surface. The technical rope team raised them to the surface, where Shelby was reunited with her owners.

"She was evaluated by an Animal Enforcement Officer and upon initial assessment appears to only have a few bumps and bruises. Great job by everyone today and it was truly amazing that Shelby survived that fall."

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