Does Penis Size Matter? Scientists Tried To Find Out the Relationship Between Length and Pleasure

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Photo credit: Predrag Popovski - Getty Images
Photo credit: Predrag Popovski - Getty Images

Does penis size matter? It's a question that has (probably) rattled mankind since antiquity. And save for the hackneyed "it's not what you have, but what you do with it" advice, there's yet to be a definitive answer on the matter.

To date, the research exploring the correlation between penis length and satisfaction in the bedroom has leant on anecdotal survey responses. This new study, by King's College London, took an altogether more hands-on approach in search of rock-hard evidence.

Having enlisted 12 horny and willing couples, the team gave the male participants a variety of different-sized silicon rings to place at the base of their erect penis. The rings either made no difference to the length or shortened it by one inch, one-and-a-half inches or two inches.

The female partner was not shown the size of the ring used. After they got jiggy – either three, four or five times – she was asked to rate her sexual pleasure on a scale of 0 to 100, giving a score for overall sexual pleasure and also emotional connection to her other half. The scientists analysed the results, and... well, brace yourselves, gents. (continued below)

"We started with the premise that depth of penetration would not matter to most women," David Veale, the study's lead author, told The Times. "We found that reducing the depth of penetration by an inch led to a statistically meaningful drop in the amount of pleasure experienced.

"The longer the erect penis, the less likely the rings had an impact on sexual pleasure. There was, however, a range of individual responses with a minority of women reporting that reducing the depth of penetration was more pleasurable on some occasions."

The scientists were quick to add that the findings don't actually apply to your average bloke with penis size concerns. The study results are more relevant to men who have experienced shortening of the penis due to a health condition. So you can breathe easy. It's all good.

"Our results should not be misinterpreted as meaning that increasing penile length will increase sexual pleasure in women," the paper states. "That would be a completely different study," added Veale. The search for a definitive answer continues.

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