How does The Capture season 2 end? The finale explained

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Gripping BBC series The Capture recently returned to our screens for season two, digging into the dark world of deepfake technology.

Following DI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger), The Capture S2 sees image manipulation being taken to a whole new level, with news feeds and even live BBC TV reports being tampered with.

Of course, the series wouldn't be much of a thriller without some shocking plot twists and a frustrating cliffhanger. So, if you need a recap, here's a run-through of The Capture season two ending explained. *Spoilers ahead*.

The Capture season 2 ending explained

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

The start of episode six picks back up after DI Carey has been kidnapped. We see her taken to an interrogation room with a bag over her head, where she is then questioned by Frank Napier, the CIA agent working for Correction.

Carey demands that DSU Gemma Garland to be present at her interrogation but is told she isn't there, with Napier soon becoming angry and holding a set of pliers to Carey's neck. Garland then intervenes over the intercom, going on to question Carey over who else has been involved in her plot to expose Correction.

Following some intense discussion with Garland, Carey ultimately ends up agreeing to rejoin Correction after sharing the information she's gathered. Attention then turns to Carey’s ally, BBC journalist and Newsnight presenter Khadija Khan, who has been plotting to expose Correction alongside Carey. Khan agrees to withhold on exposing the information she has on Correction, in exchange for an exclusive story and to be a secret operative for the government.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Carey's return to Correction is motivated by the fact that the programme aims to bring down Gregory Knox - the tech mastermind who manipulates footage in order to boost politicians' success. Kicking off the plan to bring down Knox, Carey and the Correction team enlist Khan to interview a deepfake version of politician Isaac Turner, who is in cahoots with Knox.

However, Carey also takes the opportunity to achieve her original goal of exposing Correction. During the broadcast, the deepfake Turner's script is manipulated to expose Correction to the masses. The real Turner is in a taxi to Piccadilly Circus, with deepfake Turner then telling people to go there as ultimate proof of Correction's powers (i.e. they'll see Turner in real life and being broadcast on TV simultaneously).

The episode ends during Khan's broadcast, leaving tonnes of questions over what could happen to Carey and the rest of the characters next. Season three, anyone?

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