Doctors are warning against TikTok's new Milk Crate Challenge

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Photo credit: Getty/ Cosmopolitan
Photo credit: Getty/ Cosmopolitan

TikTok can be a fountain of content that does wonders for our health and wellbeing, from Lizzo clapping back at body shamers to Camila Cabello sharing inspiring words of self-love. But the platform is also home to some stuff that's not quite so helpful when it comes to keeping ourselves well. Cue: The Milk Crate Challenge.

For those not familiar, the challenge currently trending on TikTok and other social media platforms involves people filming themselves attempting to climb up a staircase-like tower of milk crates. The tallest stack of milk crates, the peak of the challenge, is usually seven milk crates high and once a person reaches the top, they then have to walk down the other side back to the ground.

While some people have posted videos of themselves completing the challenge unscathed, as you can imagine the internet is filled with clips of nasty-looking falls.

A quick browse through 'Milk Crate Challenge' feeds on social media brings up recordings of unsuccessful attempts leaving people tumbling from pretty substantial heights and hitting their bodies on the milk crates on the way down to the floor.

It looks painful and dangerous to say the least and now, doctors are urging people not to do the challenge because of the risks it poses.

Speaking to, emergency doctor Leticia Ryan spoke about the potential danger.

"Given the height and awkward angles of the falls, as well as the impact with the milk crates during falls, potential physical harms could include bone fractures, head injuries, neck injuries, and abdominal injuries," she said.

People are also urging caution in light of the fact hospitals and healthcare workers are already extremely stretched due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This is an interesting connection and reasonable to keep in mind," Dr. Ryan said. "That said, as a pediatric emergency medicine physician, I encourage avoiding challenges or taking unnecessary risks like this that could result in serious injuries, regardless of COVID."

So there you have it. Please don't try the Milk Crate Challenge at home.

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