Doctor Who fans 'can't stop crying' after heartbreaking twist in Bridgerton episode

Contains spoilers for the Doctor Who episode Rogue.

The sixth episode of the new series of Doctor Who has left fans devastated following a heartbreaking twist in the story of Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor.

In the episode entitled Rogue, the Doctor and his companion, Ruby (Millie Gibson), arrive at a ball in Bath in 1813 and join in with the dancing. However, the Doctor spots a man on the balcony above the ballroom watching all those below, so he leaves Ruby to enjoy fulfilling her Bridgerton fantasies and goes up to investigate.

The stranger, played by former Glee star Jonathan Groff, reveals his name is Rogue, and eventually the Doctor learns he is a bounty hunter sent to Earth to track down an alien called a Chuldur, who kills people and then shape-shifts into an exact replica of them, just for fun.

Ncuti Gatwa and Jonathan Groff
Ncuti Gatwa and Jonathan Groff star as the Doctor and Rogue -Credit:BBC
Doctor Who
The Doctor and Ruby in Doctor Who episode Rogue -Credit:BBC

The pair team up to stop the Chuldur and, when they realise there may be more than one, they devise a plan to transport the evil bird-like creatures to a barren dimension from where there is no return.

Throughout the episode, there is a fizz of electricity between the Doctor and Rogue, and when Ruby is accidentally trapped in the transportation device with the Chuldur, Rogue tells the Doctor he has to decide whether to save his friend or save the planet. The Doctor wants to save his friend, but Rogue distracts him with a heartfelt kiss while stealing the trigger for the device.

Instead of sacrificing Ruby, which the Doctor could not do, Rogue pushes Ruby out of the transportation portal and takes her place, then says “Find me” to the Doctor before pressing the trigger and disappearing with the Chuldur. The Doctor explains to Ruby that there are as many dimensions as there are atoms, so it would be impossible to find Rogue, and she tries to comfort him with a hug.

Doctor Who
The Doctor and Rogue -Credit:BBC

Fans who have watched the episode have rushed to social media to comment on the heartbreaking twist that has the Doctor’s potential love interest banished to somewhere deep in the universe.

“I love that this episode came out in pride month,” wrote one fan, referencing the same sex kiss between the Doctor and Rogue, while another added: “I haven’t cried to an episode of Doctor Who in about 7 years.” Many agreed, with one viewer saying: “That episode was unfathomable, heartbreaking and spectacular,” and another commenting: “Jonathan is such a heartthrob in this episode, and the ending had me bawling like a baby.”

Another fan summed up everyone’s feelings in a message to Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies: “Russell! Absolutely brilliant episode! Couldn’t stop the tears! So damn beautiful! Rogue! Jonathan! Amazing!!! Everything was just perfect! Thank you.”