DIY Eyelash Cushion Tutorial


[Image: Author/Getty Images]

Bright and quirky home accessories are a great way to inject some of your personality into a space and give it a seasonal update. This cute eyelash cushion, complete with glitter eyeliner, is a great statement piece for a beauty lover and is quite simple to make yourself.


You will need:

  • 1 metre of fabric - the one I’ve used is the 150cm wide Printed Bi Colour Peachskin fabric from The-Stitchery.

  • 2 30cm square pieces of black felt

  • 1 30cm square piece of cream felt or felt that matches your own skin tone

  • Gold glitter

  • 18 inch cushion pad or cushion stuffing

  • Fabric glue

  • White threaded needle

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape


Step One:

If you are using an 18-inch cushion pad, measure and cut out two 19.5-inch squared pieces of fabric.

Next, you will need to turn the fabric squares you have cut out around so that the two printed sides of the fabric (i.e. the sides you want to be the outside of the cushion) are facing inwards so that you can sew the cushion edges inside out.

Some fabrics, like this one, are difficult to cut straight, so as I sewed the two pieces together, I sewed a small hem at the same time to give a neat clean finish to the cushion edges.

Remember to only sew round three of the edges as you need to be able to fill your cushion cover.


Step Two:

Once you have sewn round your cushion cover, it’s time to turn it inside out so that you have the pretty printed side on the outside. Take your cushion pad and place it inside, before neatly sewing up the fourth edge.


Step Three:

Now it’s time to add the eyelash design to the front. Take your pieces of black felt and cut out a curved and rounded ‘eye line’ as well as at least twelve curved eyelashes with rounded edges that decrease in length.

Next, take your flesh-toned felt and cut out an oval shape with a tapered end to resemble an eyelid. Glue these onto the cushion with fabric glue where you would like to position them.


Step Four:

Working with glitter can be quite messy, so to protect the rest of your cushion when you are applying the glitter eye liner, mask off the borders of the line you want to create with masking tape.

Now fill in the space with glue and sprinkle on your gold glitter. When this has dried, gently peel off the masking tape and you have your finished cushion!