Dixie D'Amelio responds to claims she's a 'rude' person

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Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Dixie D'Amelio has responded to claims that she's a "rude" person during an in-depth podcast interview.

Speaking about the potential misconception that she has an "attitude" or is "rude", Dixie set the record straight, saying she understands how she might come across in a certain way because of her "sarcastic" personality.

During the interview on the Spout podcast, Dixie went on to compare the 15-second videos shared of her on social media with how she is in real life, adding that people who support her "get it" when it comes to her humour.

The podcast episode saw the show's host telling Dixie that she was "so nice in person", calling her a "bright light", before suggesting that fans might not always see that side of her on social media.

In response to the comments, Dixie explained:

"Some people say I might have like an attitude or like I’m rude and I get it because I do come off that way sometimes, but I’m very sarcastic. I feel people are more comfortable when you can joke around with someone so I’ll meet someone and I’ll just like joke around and people who like support me and I talked to on Twitter they get it, but if you just see a 15 second video me, they’re like oh my god she’s such a… I just tried to be myself and I love joking around with people."

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Dixie has previously come under fire from fans over her comments about choosing not to go to university, with followers calling her out for her 'privileged' comments after the star said she was "scared" her songs would be played at university parties.

We're glad Dixie's set the record straight on this one.

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