Disruptive, Individualistic, Dramatic - How Beauty Became The Real Star Of Awards Season

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Photo credit: Theo Wargo
Photo credit: Theo Wargo
Photo credit: Theo Wargo
Photo credit: Theo Wargo

I admit it, the adjectives 'pretty, 'glamorous' and 'perrrrrfect' are the (somewhat lame) descriptors I’ve too often used to describe awards red carpet beauty looks in the past, during our four hour Live from E! Red Carpet marathons. Why, because that’s exactly what they were. Until, this season.

As stars hit the 2022 awards carpets in Hollywood this year, there was a notable shift in our on-air commentary about the hair and make-up. Our 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhs' became 'Woahs' and 'Woops!!' We were no longer saying 'pretty' but rather 'inspired'. 'Glamorous' was replaced with 'directional', and 'perrrrrfect' had become 'iconic'.

Describing a lipstick as 'inspired' (Dua Lipa at this year's Grammy Awards) or a hair change as 'visionary' (Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala) is maybe bold, but it’s apparent that the red carpet is now not just a place where celebs bring their best (read: prettiest) version of themselves, it's become the home of extreme self-expression and the birthplace of beauty trends today.

Why? I have a few theories...

Photo credit: Theo Wargo
Photo credit: Theo Wargo

1.The Zoom Awards

For an entire pandemic season, celebrity red carpet photo ops took place in their own back yard, and often video links provided head-and-shoulders-only framing. Look to Tracee Ellis Ross in gold lamé Alexandre Vauthier ruffles dancing on a custom square of makeshift red carpet if you require proof that even a Zoom awards can look and feel fabulous.

Fewer rules, less lenses and, inevitably, less pressure within the comfort of the A-list's own space lead to our feeds being filled with beauty moments that felt unabashed, a little eccentric and joyfully free. Kerry Washington floating in her pool in a custom Etro gown and swim cap?! It was a moment. We liked what we saw, they liked that we liked it, and so the trend continued.

2. The Rise And Rise Of Celebrity Beauty Lines

With an astounding sixty plus celebrity beauty lines on the market, beauty is a space stars want to be a part of. And with the eyes of the world on their looks, why wouldn’t they use their platform to seed their new line or sell some blush? Case in point - the impossibly fresh-faced angel, Hailey Bieber at the Grammys. A walking poster child for her upcoming clean beauty line, Rhode (dropping in June).

Or take the fearless Gwen Stefani making news at the Met Gala when she told press she had (shock, horror) done her own make-up for the event using GXVE - her own product line.

3. Self-Expression Reigns Supreme!

The cultural shift has finally happened, and now we cannot get enough of the 'real you'. As we've said from day one at Milk Makeup, #Liveyourlook! Please refer to my beautiful friend Billy Porter's frosted blue lip for the ultimate expressive beauty look. When you look at it, it jolts you, it makes you sit up and take notice.

So, with all this said, our favourite stars have a vested interest in using the red carpet as a beauty playground. Which is excellent news for all of us beauty obsessives out there. The red carpet has become a living breathing Pinterest board of inspirational beauty looks we can pick apart and adopt at home.

So what's on the agenda for your next award winning beauty look? Let’s start here….

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