Disney forced to apologise after employee 'destroys' couple's fairytale engagement

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Photo credit: Laurent Viteur - Getty Images
Photo credit: Laurent Viteur - Getty Images

Disneyland Paris has been forced to apologise to a couple whose engagement was interrupted by an employee – a clip of which went viral on social media.

ICYMI, last week a clip was uploaded to Reddit showing a man proposing to his partner in front of Sleeping Beauty's iconic castle at Disneyland Paris. The video – which was captioned: "POS [piece of sh*t] destroyed my best friend’s moment. He asked for permission beforehand" – opens as the man gets down on one knee with a growing crowd cooing at the romantic moment that is about to happen. But, as the proposal goes on, a Disneyland employee abruptly interrupts the pair, grabs the engagement ring box from their hands and ushers them off the platform where they are standing.

At this point, the man gestures to a female employee standing nearby and explains that she had given him permission to use the platform for the proposal. But the employee in the video disregards this and continues to usher them away as the crowd boos. "Yes, that’s great, but over here, it’s going to be even better," he replied.

After being posted online, the video quickly gained widespread attention with plenty of people calling out Disney's employee for ruining what should have been a fairytale moment. "Disneyland stands for dreams," the man in the video – who named himself as Ante – told the New York Times. "Our moment was destroyed."

Ante went on to reveal that he had been planning the proposal since Christmas, when his fiancée had gifted him with tickets to Disneyland. The couple, who are from Germany, have been together for four years, with Ante revealing that Disney has played an important role in their relationship. For that reason, Ante had spent months deliberating where he would propose when they visited the amusement park, eventually deciding that Sleeping Beauty's castle would be the perfect backdrop.

Since then, Disneyland has apologised to the couple for the unfortunate incident. "We regret how this was handled," a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek. "We have apologised to the couple involved and offered to make it right."

Photo credit: Chesnot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Chesnot - Getty Images

In response to their apology, Ante revealed that Disney had reached out to offer him and his fiancée a free weekend at a Disneyland park and hotel of their choosing, but they refused the offer. "I don’t want to visit Disneyland any more," he said. "They can’t give us the moment back and that’s the only thing I want — to get a second chance."

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