Your first look at Amy Adams in Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted

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While Disney+ has been keeping us going the last few months, it's nice to know there are lots of new Disney projects to look forward to - including the sequel to 2007's Enchanted, Disenchanted.

In December 2020, the production house revealed a LOT of upcoming TV and film projects, one of which is Enchanted 2, aka Disenchanted.

Here's everything we know about the follow up so far, including release date, cast, plot theories and more. Exciting!

Do we have any Disenchanted teaser pics?

We sure do! On May 17, Amy Adams and the film's director Adam Shankman shared a photo from set on Twitter with the caption, "Wanted to get a few friends together to tell the story of what 'ever after' looks like…"

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When was Enchanted 2 announced?

At Disney's Investor Day on Thursday 10 December, Disney announced multiple projects across their platforms including Disney+, Hulu, and FX Networks. The announcement included the confirmation of Enchanted 2.

It wasn't the first time a sequel had been discussed, though. In 2016, director Adam Shankman signed on to direct the movie, later revealing in early 2018 that they had a script ready to go.

In May 2019, Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz (who worked on the music and score for the first movie) added that they were actually still trying to "get the script right" but "that it is definitely being worked on." Looks like the script is officially right, then!

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Who will star in Enchanted 2?

At Disney's Investor Day, Amy Adams was confirmed to return as Princess Giselle. Then, in January 2021, Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey confirmed he will return as lawyer Robert. Eek!

"I just got this script for the second movie, and then I'm starting to go through and get notes together," he said on Good Morning America [15 January]. The star also revealed there was talk of Disenchanted starting the film this spring, while also praising "amazing" co-star Adams.

Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images

Idina Menzel will return as Nancy, while newcomer Gabby Baldacchino will take on the role of Robert's now-teenage daughter Morgan. Also joining the cast is Yvette Nicole Brown, Kolton Stewart, The Office's Oscar Nunez, Glee's Jayma Mays and Saturday Night Live's Maya Rudolph. Incredible.

James Marsden will also return as Prince Edward, after discussing his desire to in 2020. "They've been talking about making that movie for a while but I hope so, I hope we make it," he said at the time (via Digital Spy). "We've been fooled before that it was gonna happen, it didn't happen. We should do it before we get too long in the tooth."

What will happen in Enchanted 2?

In the first Enchanted film, Princess Giselle is banished from her kingdom by her lover's evil stepmother. She is then transported to the real world where she meets lawyer Robert and finds herself falling for him.

The end of the first film sees Nancy and Prince Edward return to live in fantasy land, while Giselle stays in the real world, marries Robert and opens a fashion store. So BOY do we have questions about the second film:

  • Are Nancy and Edward still together?

  • Is Giselle's fashion store still going?

  • Is Robert still dreamy?


Photo credit: Disney
Photo credit: Disney

When will Enchanted 2 be released?

Disney haven't said. But considering filming hasn't yet started (though Patrick Dempsey did hint at a spring production), we're looking at late 2021 earliest - but more likely 2022. Disney have confirmed it will drop on Disney+.

We'll be ready and waiting.


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