Discontinued Dairy Queen Blizzards and Other Treats No Longer on the Menu

After 83 years of treats, here are all the popsicles, baked goods and Blizzards that once graced the Dairy Queen menu

jetcityimage / Getty Images Dairy Queen Store
jetcityimage / Getty Images Dairy Queen Store

When the first Dairy Queen opened back in 1940, the restaurant served only soft serve ice cream. Within nine years, the shop expanded into malts and shakes. Two years later, banana splits popped up on menus and Dilly bars debuted four years after that. In the following years, the menu continued to expand with sweet innovations like parfaits, Blizzards, Treatzza Pizza and so forth.

After 83 years of treats, many food items that once graced the menu are long extinct. Here's a nostalgic reminder of what DQ used to serve.

DQ Creamsicle Dipped Cone
DQ Creamsicle Dipped Cone

Dipped Cone

One of the latest discontinued items is the cherry dipped cone, which caused an uproar among fans. But the red-colored ice cream topping joins a long list of other dipped flavors no longer at Dairy Queen. Butterscotch had been a staple dip until it was discontinued in 2009 (but has returned for a short time on several occasions), and limited-time dip flavors include blue raspberry, bubblegum, cotton candy, Dreamsicle and banana.

But fans shouldn’t lose hope. A Dairy Queen representative told PEOPLE in May, "DQ is always rotating our dipped cone flavors and cherry dipped cones may return in the future. Fans should check with their local DQ restaurant to learn which flavors are available."

Monkey Tail

This retro treat is simply a full, frozen banana dipped in chocolate and served on a stick (yep, just as simple as that!) and was introduced in the 1960s.

Considering the fact that Dairy Queen is a franchise, individual owners can carry some different items at their respective locations. So, while the fruity dessert might not be available nationwide anymore, it is still sold at the Dairy Queen in Moorhead, Minn., along with several other discontinued items on this list.

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For a limited time, customers could order warmed up desserts à la mode. The chain started offering chocolate stuffed cookies, apple tarts and brownies served with a swirl of soft serve in 2015. The items were bumped off the menu by funnel cake and lava cake (also served with ice cream) but all of the desserts have since been removed from the menu.

Dairy Queen DQ Pinata Party Blizzard
Dairy Queen DQ Pinata Party Blizzard


These are the biggest category of DQ's discontinued items. Since the Blizzard’s inception in 1985, many flavors have come and gone. Part of the endless list of discontinued blended desserts is due to Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month promotion where temporary flavors only grace the menu for brief stints.

Some of the Blizzards no longer on the menu are inspired by other brands like Sour Patch Kids Blizzard, Thin Mints Blizzard and Drumstick Blizzard. Other discontinued flavors are more creative, like the piñata party Blizzard, red velvet cake Blizzard and cotton candy Blizzard.


In 1990, as frozen yogurt grew in popularity, the chain decided to try its hand at a healthier Blizzard. The Breeze had all the fix-in options as Blizzards but were made with frozen yogurt instead of soft serve ice cream and could also come with fruit. It had a decade of fame before being taken off the menu in 2000.


In addition to the desserts served via counter service at DQs, the chain also has desserts stored in a grab-and-go freezer. Now, Dilly bars and ice cream cakes are stored in these coolers but they used to house Jets, a push pop dessert introduced in the early 1960s.

Mr. Maltie

Similar to a DQ Jet, these desserts were first served on a popsicle stick in the '60s. The pail-shaped treats were made with chocolate malted ice cream.

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