The director of Framing Britney just addressed sequel rumours

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Photo credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix - Getty Images

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Ever since the heart-breaking and eye-opening documentary, Framing Britney, aired, charting Britney Spears's rise to fame, treatment by the press and the subsequent Free Britney movement, viewers haven't been able to stop thinking or talking about it. Now, one of the programme's creators, director Samantha Stark, has addressed rumours of a sequel already being in the works, as well as the idea that Britney herself was secretly involved in the documentary.

"I would be passionately excited about that idea [of a sequel]," Stark told the Radio Times during a recent interview about the success of the film. She added that she agrees that there's more to say and reveals that the team behind the documentary have already been contacted by sources claiming to offer up new, relevant information about Britney's story. "I would be into it. There’s definitely more to say. We’ve already started getting tips from people for new information."

She continued on to discuss that there's a lot more to be said about Britney's conservatorship in particular, which sees her finances, schedule and freedom controlled by her father Jamie Spears, along with a private bank. "There’s more to the story, and there’s more to say how she got into the conservatorship and what’s happening in the conservatorship as well."

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison - Getty Images
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Stark also took time to shut down the conspiracy theory of 'Project Rose', which has seen some Britney fans suggest that the star was secretly involved with the documentary due to the fact that many of the interviews featured in it take place in front of a rose garden wall. Britney regularly posts about roses on her Instagram account, causing fans to suggest there's a symbolic link.

"So much of Britney’s Instagram takes place in this gorgeous Californian backyard. There’s tonnes of roses, roses are everywhere. I wanted the interview set-up to look as if they were filming in that world,” Stark explained, adding, "We didn’t even know there was a 'rose project' before we started doing all this."

As for the singer's reaction to the documentary, Stark continued on to say, "It’s always unclear even through [Britney's] Instagram and Twitter if she’s saying something unfiltered or not. And I think one of the big ethical issues of the film was to make a film about Britney Spears without Britney Spears... So, we rely on people with first-hand experience telling their experience, people commenting on our culture, the culture around that, or facts. We’re never assuming what’s going on in Britney’s head [or if she] has a medical diagnosis."

Following the release of Framing Britney, Britney's ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, who featured a lookalike of her cheating on him in one of his music videos (adding plenty of fuel to the media's misogynistic fire and damaging her reputation), has issued a public apology to Britney for his part to play in her mistreatment.

We'll be keeping an eye out for any further sequel news.

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