Diplo 'really paid for' decision to take acid before Los Angeles Marathon

Diplo "really paid for" his decision to take acid before running the Los Angeles Marathon.

The dance music DJ completed the running challenge in three hours and 55 minutes in late March, and later revealed on Instagram that he decided to drop LSD before leaving the starting line.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 44-year-old admitted his decision paid off in the first two hours, but not so much in the final two.

"I probably took half a tab of acid at the marathon, but it really motivated me, because I was running at the fastest pace I've ever ran," he remembered. "You also have all these runners around you, so your energy's there. I was running a seven-minute mile for the first eight miles, which is crazy. I really paid for it in the end of the marathon. But that first two hours was a breeze, man. It was so fast. And maybe acid has a different effect on people, but for me, those first two hours, which is usually the scariest part of a marathon, just went by so quickly."

The music producer, real name Thomas Wesley Pentz, explained that he often takes the psychedelic drug when he's working as it helps him to give a "fresher perspective".

When asked if he was tripping and seeing "weird things" during the marathon, he explained, "A little bit, but I mean, you're sweating in your energy... You see some colours different. There weren't giant lizards jumping out of the sky. It's not like that. In small doses, it just gives you a fresher perspective. It's like wearing glasses sometimes. These things are clear."